2-12 January 2020


The idea of conducting an international exhibition at Ahalia Campus Palakkad, first of its kind, was mooted for a social cause.

At Ahalia, we are proud to provide a conducive environment for overall development of our nation by enhancing accessability to the resources available internationally. We are extremely delighted to provide the largest eco-friendly campus in the State to showcase the technical excellence of our pioneers in the field of science, technology and academics. In this venture, we also provide opportunities for artists and experts in various domains to perform and excel, thereby providing a platform for development in every vertical.

Who will attend AHALIA MEGA EXPO ?

Exhibitors: Manufacturers and traders of engineering, scientific and commercial goods and services including public sector enterprises; consultants, agents and institutions offering services (including education); medical and laboratory equipments and services providers etc. Decision makers, users and technocrats from various parts of the world have appreciated our initiative and have agreed to support us. As our expo is the first of its kind in Kerala, people from all sections of the society would be present at Ahalia Campus in the month of January. Students and faculty members from various institutions in India have already expressed their interest in visiting our exhibition. Job aspirants across South India would be given opportunity to seek their prospective employers as we are conducting Ahalia Job Fest 2020 along with this


  • Reach audience of international repute

  • Expand your network beyond the boundaries and create new partnerships

  • Lead the world with the next generation technologies

  • An advertisement that reaches millions

  • AHALIA MEGA EXPO 2020 is the first of its kind to be organized in Kerala

  • Provision for all kinds of products and services

  • Lead the world with the next generation technologies

Layouts and Bookings

College Grounds

₹ 60000 (Sixty Thousand only) for 10 days . GST extra as applicable

Air Conditioned Auditorium

₹ 100000 (one lakh only) for 10 days . GST extra as applicable